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"This, Madame, is Versailles. "
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28th-May-2012 11:23 pmUntitled

I'm on hiatus again, as you might have noticed. Oh, God. Guys, don't delete me, I'll be back ASAP. I really need to take care of things right now. 

Lots of love,

10th-May-2012 09:49 amUntitled
This entry was supposed to be posted yesterday, but I don't know what happened to live journal, it just wouldn't let me post it.

Just when I intend to start writing on my journal again... BOOM! College! 

This has turned out to be quite an exhaustive term, I must say, but I'm still fighting! : D I like challenges, so it's OK. It wipes the lazy part of myself away. Hehe~!

Unfortunately, it takes a lot of time, and I can't do things such as reading all of your entries, or writing more often.

As some of you may know, my birthday was on April 16th. Since it was a Monday, I decided to meet with my friends on Sunday.

We went to "Las Violetas", and had tea there. I spent a most wonderful afternoon!

The girls gave me lovely presents, even though they shouldn't have, and we talked for hours! It was really nice! :3 

I got the perfect excuse chance to wear my pink dress. Remember that post about the dusty pink fabric? Well, I couldn't make up my mind about the designs, so I chose to make a more Rococo-inspired dress since all my Lolita clothes are more Victorian Era-inspired.

It's still not finished, because now I want to add lots of details to it, but I'm going to show you how it looked that day anyway! :3

There are other photos with more of the lovely people who attended the party, but I don't want to make a super long photo post! However, a bonus:

The cake I made. :3

On other news, mom bought me a new pair of shoes.
I mean, this woman is being so nice to me it makes me feel guilty that I cannot buy her pretty presents as well! ;A; Mom, you are such an angel!!

I don't have photos of them, though, because the USB thingy for the memory stick decided to be a bitch and broke. :C I found it like that yesterday.

Today I'm going to a picnic (even though it rained) with the Prussian. She's a new friend of mine, who cosplays Gilbert (Prussia) from Hetalia. She's such a nice girl, and so funny. :3 I hope we can sit somewhere without being covered in mud. D: We're taking some photos of places we plan to shoot a video at.

The idea is to shoot something similar to this, but with some of Hetalia characters. Of course, it's meant to be super classy and chic. 

All this talk reminds me that I must make a post about how crazy about certain fandoms I became because maybe, just maybe, I may post or mention them on another entry. 

We had a lovely day yesterday! We found perfect places to work with and then we had a our picnic when the sun was setting. She brought some delicious homemade muffins, I bought chocolate mousse. She loved it! 

If the usb thingy for the memory stick ever works again (or if I get a new one) I'll show you some of the photos she took! :3

I must go now, because... guess who finally got a job! : D

Take care, guys! I love you!

 I wrote an entry yesterday, but then I changed the settings to "private", since it was super long and it covered quite a lot of topics. So I'll try to divide that super long post.

Let's start with the miracles of homeopathy and the magic of Clinique. 

Yes, I am aware that many say that homeopathy is nothing but the placebo effect, but let me tell you that I am doing better than I've ever done with the medicines the dermatologists prescribed. 

My face was in the worst condition ever. Yes, my body reacts to sadness/excesive stress by covering my face in pimples. I've been going through a tough time -I'm doing better, thank God- and I needed something effective to end with this acne nightmare.

I went to the homeopath and he prescribed this medicine, and the changes were noticeable right away!
Still, there was the problem of the little marks these bastards leave, but mom told me not to worry about it, since an exfoliation would improve my skin significantly.
A week before my birthday, I got a call from Clinique. They invited me to an after-summer-skin-care event or something like that, so I went with two friends. 

Well, one of the women (her name is Silvia, hehe~!) working there introduced me to the anti-blemish treatment. 
Dear Lord.... just when I thought I wouldn't get any improvement from creams and lotions, they totally proved me wrong! My skin was doing well, but now it was starting to be freaking awesome! Softer skin, clearer tone, pimples were not swollen. Yes, this was minutes after applying the products! So I could notice the changes right away! 

A few days after my birthday, my mom gave me the money to go and buy the whole treatment, foundation included. She's an angel  and I owe her so much!

So, here it is:

Silvia gave me samples of two other products as well! The violet one is an eye make-up remover and the peach one is a gel that you apply on your lids to have a fresh look. Ideal for days when your eyes are kind of swollen because you haven't slept well!! 

So, I feel so happy with the results of this treatment! I am glad mom bought me these, because with my skin getting better and better, I feel much more confident as days go by!

Oh, and here's  another thing my mom gave me. Such a sweetheart! *0*


The first moment I saw it, I knew we were meant to be, but I didn't think we'd be together so soon!! *3*

23rd-Apr-2012 03:05 pm - Last Days Of Summer

Photos taken on a Sunday afternoon during my visit to Villa Ocampo. March, 18th.
23rd-Apr-2012 02:44 pm - There and back again
My dear F-list,

After I don't know how many months being absent, I'm back again. 

The truth is that I missed you all very much, and posting on my journal has always worked as some kind of therapy and process of documentation of my life, which I really enjoy.

Even though I have been writing on Blogspot, it was not the same. Besides, that blog was meant to keep record of some other, more trivial areas of my life. 

I needed this special place. It's my own little universe.

Now that I've come back, I hope I'll be able to keep up with all your lovely entries and I hope I'll be able to share some pretty entries with you as well!

The layout is still under construction, but be patient, please! It's just a couple of details that need to be fixed! I'll take care of that as soon as possible!

Big hugs,

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